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Features of the Ozilite Automatic Cigarette Lighter:

✓ Flameless; no naked flame
✓ Stainless steel face plate which is robust, vandal proof and no sharp edges
✓ Totally waterproof; can be hosed down with water without damage
✓ Totally weatherproof; can be housed outside in all weather conditions
✓ Totally safe; electrical circuits are protected by electronic devices that will switch the unit off if tampered with
✓ 2 Spare Long Lasting Elements with Every Lighter
✓ Automatic cut-off function to prevent over heating
✓ Recessed element
✓ Fixed to wall or post permanently
✓ Low maintenance; can be serviced by maintenance staff
✓ 110V and 220V – 240V mains power operated
✓ International Warranty

Why install an Ozilite Automatic Cigarette Lighter?

For the past 20 years this product has proven to be effective in many ways to correctional centres and commercial facilities all over the world. An example is a decrease in the number of riots started by matches or handheld lighters. There are a number of reasons why you should install an Ozilite Automatic Cigarette Lighter; advantages of having an Ozilite product installed in a prison, (jails, penitentiaries etc), psychiatric hospital or industrial site include:

✓ Greater employee safety
✓ Employees are no longer subject to secondary smoke
✓ Improved site safety
✓ Improved employee attitude
✓ Increased prisoner/patient morale

We are the Inventors and Patent Holders of Ozilite

Ozilite is currently covered by several International Patents, including USA, UK and Australia.

  • USA Patent No. 6444953
  • UK Patent No. 2359613
  • Australia Patent No. 749408
  • New Zealand Patent No. 511471

Ozilite is a Registered Trade Mark. Trade Mark No. 1121314

Wall with lighters

The Ozilite Range – Automatic Cigarette Lighter

Product Description

The Ozilite Automatic Cigarette Lighter is a lighting device that has a recessed heating element and no naked flame with the purpose of lighting cigarettes. This device was designed for use in any environment that a naked flame can not exist or where conventional cigarette lighters or matches are not permitted.


Initially the device was designed for use in maximum-security correctional facilities where cigarettes are allowed, and for security purposes access to lighters and matches are prohibited. However the Ozilite products have proven to be effective in many other environments as well. This device is a flush wall mounted unit; the face plate is made of stainless steel and is liquid proof. There are six security screws (as used in maximum-security correctional facilities) which mount the unit.

Touch Button and Element

The push button on the timer models unit is a non-moving peizo touch switch and the opening is a circular hole 11 millimetres in diameter, making it difficult for most fingers to access the opening. The actual heating element is then recessed a further 6mm under the faceplate. The area between the element and the faceplate is sealed with a silicon o-ring which is heat resistant. The hole below the cigarette lighter opening is for any liquid to run freely out if any liquid should enter the opening.

Heating Cycle ( Timer Models )

The heating cycle of the Ozilite Automatic Cigarette Lighter works once the button is pushed; the element will heat for 10 seconds and then the timer circuit will prevent the re-activation of the element again for another 10 seconds. These times can also be changed to suit your environment.


The Ozilite is available in both 110 volt and 240 volt models.
We can also supply the Ozilite in 12 and 24 volt versions.

Understanding the Model Numbers

ACL = Automatic Cigarette Lighter
110 = 110-120 volt model
240 = 220-240 volt model


The Ozilite is available in both 110-120 volt and 220-240 volt models. We can also supply the Ozilite in 12 and 24 volt versions.

L = Large (Flush Inwall Mount)
S = Small (Pole/Vertical Mount)
WM = Wall Mount
T = Timer


ACL240LT = 240 volt Large Flush Mount with Timer
ACL110WM = 110 volt Wall Mount no Timer

Comparison Table

Model comparison table

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“Ozilite products are designed and made to the highest standard and degree of durability and longevity.”

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