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The Founders of Ozilite!

Ron Leishman developed and began manufacturing the Ozilite Automatic Cigarette Lighter nearly 20 years ago. Initially the product was named Automatic Cigarette Lighter, now referred to as Ozilite; this device was developed to use in Australian correctional facilities (jails, prisons, penitentiaries etc) for their prisoners. In the late 1990’s Ozilite Automatic Cigarette Lighter was introduced to the global market and this began the worldwide network of distributors. Currently the Ozilite range of products are distributed all around the world from our head office in Aus and through to distributors in the USA, UK and many other resellers.

Prisons, Detention centres, Oil Rigs, Smelters, Airports, Mental Health Units, Psychiatric Centres, Oil Refineries, Chemical Plants, Manufacturing Plants, Smoking Lounges, Night Clubs, Military Facilities, Paint Factories, Chemical Factories
Some of the Ozilite Team
Wall Cigarette Lighters Ron


Caboolture is located 40 minutes north of Brisbane, Queensland and is one of the fastest growing regions in South East Queensland. Caboolture has over 130 000 residents currently living in the shire and is expected to grow rapidly over the next decade. This great locality of Caboolture makes it easy for the dispatch of all the Ozilite products. Couriers transport the Ozilite products straight to Brisbane airport in 30 minutes and then from there they can be transported anywhere in Australia and the world by air. Manassas, VA. is centrally located we are able to conveniently and consistently assist with all of your Ozilite Flameless Cigarette Lighter needs. Located just outside of Washington, D.C. city limits, Manassas, VA has a rich history and many welcoming factors; being nestled outside of our nation’s capital with convenient, access to all major metropolitan needs allows Ozilite to provide the knowledge, safety, support, and security in knowing that your facilities can become safe from fire hazard concerns, lighter free with Ozilite. Ozilite Flameless Cigarette Lighters are the safe solution for the oil industry, explosive manufacturers, hospitals, long-term care facilities, correctional facilities, and many more.

We are the Inventors and Patent Holders of Ozilite.

Ozilite is currently covered by several International Patents, including USA, UK and Australia.

USA Patent No. 6444953; UK Patent No. 2359613 Australia Patent No. 749408 – New Zealand Patent No. 511471

Ozilite is a Registered Trade Mark. Trade Mark No. 1121314