12 Volt Wall Mount / Portable Battery Powered Cigarette Lighter with Solar Charging

Ozilite ACLBPS

Mounting Style
Wall mounted unit or Free Standing Portable.

Lighting Method
The Lighter is on for as long as you hold the button. It takes roughly 7 seconds for the element to ignite.

270mmH x 125mmW x 95mmD

270mmH x 125mmW x 95mmD
4.2AH Battery.
Approx 150-200 cigarette lights before charging.
5 watt solar panel.
Connecting cable is standard at 7mtrs but we can supply
with any suitable length.

Shipping Dimensions
Box Size: Depends on quantities and location as the solar panels
need to sent as well.
Box Weight: 4Kgs

Currently in stock: 2

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We're the Inventors Ozilite which holds the following International Patents:
USA Patent No. 6444953
UK Patent No. 2359613
Australia Patent No. 749408
New Zealand Patent No. 511471

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